In-store produce research gives top marks to M&S
Marks & Spencer was the winning retailer overall

In-store produce research gives top marks to M&S

Produce Business UK staff
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Mystery Shopping Report cover

In April 2015, England Marketing was commissioned by Produce Business to undertake a year-long project of mystery shopping around the UK. We have brought together all the results in a 12-page e-book that you can read here.

Catch up on each month’s report by following the links below.

May 2015: Cambridge kicks off our Mystery Produce Shopper, Morrisons scores highest. Read more 

June 2015: Mystery Shopper: Waitrose leads in Leeds. Read more

July 2015: Mystery Shopper: Morrisons tops the tree in Bristol. Read more

August 2015: Mystery Shopper: Morrisons scores best in Swindon. Read more

September 2015: Mystery Shopper: Morrisons makes it three in a row. Read more

October 2015: Mystery Shopper: Asda wins for first time at halfway stage. Read more

November 2015: Mystery Shopper: Sainsbury’s clear winner in Ashford and Maidstone. Read more

December 2015: Mystery Shopper: Waitrose shining star in Reading. Read more

January 2016: Mystery Shopper: Marks sparkles in Welsh capital. Read more

February 2016: Mystery Shopper: Marks and Spencer narrowly ranks first in Manchester. Read more

March 2016: M&S is best in disappointing trip to Scotland. Read more

April 2016: Waitrose is the retailer that shines on the Tyne. Read more



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