Tesco’s sales fall 1.5% as inflation impacts consumer behaviour

Spending might be rising in Tesco’s smaller stores, but it is down slightly in supermarkets and more significantly online in signs that inflation is taking its toll on weary UK consumers. Overall, Tesco reported that sales overall fell by 1.5% in the first quarter of 2022 with the consumer pinch growing as they seek out […]

Tesco and Brakes show commitment to Pride and LGBTQ community

One major retailer and one major supplier in the fresh produce industry are both coming forward to support Pride Month in the UK, the annual festival and the LGBTQ community. Tesco said it is giving nearly £100,000 to a trio of LGBTQ+ charities and is sponsoring both the Brighton Pride and Pride in London events, […]

Four UK supermarket chains will trial effectiveness of environmental labels

Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco will be testing new environmental labels in a virtual setting this summer, as part of the strategic framework for a harmonized environmental labeling scheme.  According to a statement from IGD, the trials, which will test consumer awareness and understanding of environmental labeling, are the latest stage of their workstream. They […]

Tesco hopes Better Baskets logos push consumers to eat more healthy

Tesco has launched a new campaign called Better Baskets that aims to help drive more healthful choices in store by UK customers. Typically, supermarket signage and aisles of not-so-healthy choice can draw shoppers’ eyes away from better-for-you food options, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Tesco officials say that 86% of those who shop in their […]

Tesco sees profits jump, but inflation likely will slow momentum in 2022-23

Top UK retailer Tesco takes stunning step, announcing it will price match Aldi

Though inflation is soaring and the next year promises significant uncertainty, Tesco at least for now can report a rise in profits to more than £2.6 billion from the year ending Feb. 28. The retailer’s leaders warned of a potential dip next year, though they are projecting between £2.4bn and £2.6bn in profits – depending […]

Kantar leader: The Channels we shop in have changed significantly

The supermarket and grocery sector in the United Kingdom has seen tremendous activity over the past several years, from the exit of Walmart from its ASDA partnership, to the growth of the deep discounters on the one hand and home delivery of groceries, including produce, on the other. At the same time, consumers have been […]