In an effort to trim food waste, Waitrose cuts out ‘best before’ dates

Waitrose is one of the many retailers in UK heeding the call to prevent food waste, and to that end, it is planning to remove “best before” dates on 500 of its products including fresh fruits and vegetables starting in September. The hope is that consumers won’t be so quick to toss away perfectly good […]

Is variety specification crucial for category growth in foodservice?

I recently attended two events where speakers focused on the importance of variety-specific traits in produce that have an impact on consumer preference and liking. Some traits focus on visual aspects like size, shape or color, while others focus on the eating experience, including aroma, taste and texture. At each event, speakers asked the audience […]

Veg Power campaign aims to get Brits to eat more veg at breakfast

Veg Power, the not-for-profit company behind the Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign, has launched a new initiative called Breakfast in Colour to try to get British consumers to eat more healthy at breakfast time by adding more vegetables to their plates. Only about a third of adults across the UK are reaching five-per-day targets, […]

Could Mexico present big opportunity for UK, emerging export markets?

Mexican growers can benefit from huge, untapped potential in markets from Asia-Pacific to the Middle East and Europe as well as increasing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables by looking beyond traditional export destinations, delegates to the inaugural IFPA Mexico Conference. Despite being traditionally focused on the neighboring U.S. market, Mexico can realize greater export sales […]

In U.S., transportation and produce supply chain also remain uncertain

Paul Revere was worried only about Land and Sea. Today, our transportation troubles include Air as well. Current transportation and supply chain woes are testing the resiliency so frequently attributed to the produce industry. For many of us, the increased cost of sea and air transportation is easily measured in the number of air pallets […]

Australia facing fruit and vegetable shortages until September

As the impact of floods and cold weather hits Australia, the farmer’s federation predicts that fruit and vegetable shortages will continue for six weeks, with supply levels returning to normal in September, but warns that distribution issues and high prices could persist. According to a report by The Guardian, the acting chief executive of the National […]

Caboodle provides more direct network for UK retailers to tackle food waste

Several top brands, along with retailer Co-op and Microsoft, have begun to trial a massive project called Caboodle that aims to dramatically cut down on food waste in the UK. With more than 1.1 million tonnes of food going into the bin, co-founder Co-op and others want to find a way to both eliminate that […]